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Our special thanks and gratitude to those who helped and supported us.


Founder & Architect

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

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Founder and core architect of #Anahita platform and framework #hackerpreneur interested in #startup companies #OpenScience #CitizenScience #CrowdSc...


Johan Janssens

Johan Janssens

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Co-Founder of #Joomla. Founder of #Nooku. Techentrepeneur. #WebArchitect. Speaker. Free Software Advocate. #Startup #Advisor. World traveler.


Pascal Finette

Pascal Finette

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Chief Heretic & Director. Portfolio Manager @ Google Giving. Former Office of the Chair @ Mozilla. Before: Entrepreneur, VC and lots of other st...

Arash Sanieyan

Arash Sanieyan generously and passionately contributed to the Anahita project from 2008 to 2013. He implemented the Anahita framework as we know today and helped many people in the Anahita tribes. This project could never reach this far without his help and incredible talent. We wish him success and happiness in all his future ventures and projects after Anahita.

The Anahita First Tribe

The Anahita project was made possible with the support of the companies and individuals who partnered with us before the January 25th 2011. They are the First Tribe of Anahitapolis community. We are specially thankful to the following companies and individuals who have been publicly showing their support for this project.


Beyounic SA Beyounic is a young swiss start-up company, founded by a small group of friends, each one with their own background, skill set, culture, and knowledge, but with a common goal: create something unique for the Open Source community. Visit or follow them on twitter @beyounic to stay updated, know more about them, and what they've got under the hood.


Compare Pro Logo ComparePro™ is a new service that powers a range of interesting and useful shopping websites. Their price comparison sites feature all sorts of products you might want to save a bit of cash on, including beauty and cosmetics, funky shoes, baby gifts, and even pet food.

What makes ComparePro™ sites different is that they focus on just one particular niche at a time rather than trying to cover the entire e-commerce market! This lets them better categorise the products we list, making it much easier to find what you are looking for!

"We are delighted to be working in partnership with the talented team responsible for the Anahita. Using Anahita, we will create a fabulous social shopping environment to further engage our users by providing them with useful and intuitive ways to discover, create and share within communities of like-minded people"

dmso Media design

dmso Media design logo dmso Media design is a web development company from southern Austria specialised in cost-effective open source Joomla! CMS solutions. The company’s procedures are based on up-to-date technologies and bring the customer into the center of the development process. Aside from creating custom solutions for clients dmso Media design will be releasing Joomla! extensions based on Anahita Social Engine and the Nooku framework.


Eventric logo Eventric™ is a provider of software and online services for the professional live entertainment industry. Their customers include artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Beastie Boys, and Lady GaGa.

Flexible Strength

Flexible Strength logo Flexible Strength specializes in Resistance Stretching, a technique that empowers you to stretch and strengthen your body through the simple use of resistance. They offer online training as well as group, private, and corporate training in Los Angeles and internationally. Luther Cowden, founder of Flexible Strength, will be using the Anahita™ to foster a community for people to train online, connect with others interested in Resistance Stretching, find a stretching partner, and create/join stretching groups.


Nooku Framework Logo Raw coding talent and vision, that's what Nooku is about. Developed by a group of experienced, dedicated software architects lead by Johan Janssens, Principal Architect of Joomla 1.5, Nooku is creating a lot of excitement in the Joomlaphere. Nooku was launched as the extension that changed the way people manage multi-lingual websites with Joomla. In reality, there is a lot more below the hood. The true power lies in the Nooku Framework that drives it.  Nooku brings multi-lingual power and future-proof Web 2.0 development to Joomla. The Nooku team have been providing us invaluable feedback and insights during the implementaiton of Anahita™ framework.

Run Gamer Run

Run Gamer Run Logo Run Gamer Run is a group or top quality private contractors under the direction of Steven Stark, who has not only programming experience, but also highly effective management skills with knowledge of the industry. They make games for online delivery using Flash, Unity 3D and the LAMP Stack. They also implement streaming server technology (Red5, Flash Media Server, SmartFox) and use various frameworks and API's. Their artists all have extensive studio experience animating and producing high quality art for shows and features, they're among the best. Tie all this together with a Anahita community using cutting edge technologies, and you have a very impressive online game with a full community to retain your user base.


SocialLingua Logo SociaLingua is a location-based social network service that helps people keep up with their friends, share their favorite places, and discover the city around them. It's a place to meet great People, discover new Places and to get updates on your Events while share your discoveries with friends via a smartphone app. SociaLingua is based in Kingston, Jamaica and was created by Dale-Kurt Murray.

TOMO Group

TOMOGroup Logo TOMO Group guide their clients through Internet maze and present-day challenges of marketing. They offer research and analysis, online brand presence strategies, development of online products but most of all communication activities. Their portfolio consist of clients from various branches. They are willing to undertake new challenges even the most difficult ones. TOMO group consists of 3 brands:

TOMO Strategy - research and marketing strategies
Specialized in combining modern anthropology with marketing techniques. Their tools will give you in-depth contextual knowledge about your customers.

TOMO Communication – marketing communication
The effectiveness is their main principle. Using Social Media and WEB 2.0 potential locally and globally, they increase your conversion.

TOMO Interactive – online products development
They design and develop web solutions which are based on the latest technology, experience and knowledge of their experts from all over the world.

Bingo Logo Operations Limited is publicly traded on the NASDAQ (BNGOF) provides online Bingo games to a community of very 1,800,000 registered members. They are one of the most recognized and most visited entertainment destinations on the Internet. Having an existing community of members and as a company who has already been utilizing Open Source technologies such as Drupal within their organization they have the ideal example to utilize Anahita™ technology for their social network and become one of the supporters of this project.

Dioscouri Design

Dioscouri Logo Dioscouri Design is a boutique, Manhattan-based design firm specializing in PHP and MySQL, with a particular emphasis on the open source PHP package, Joomla! Dioscouri aims to create useful, intuitive software for its community of users, as well as productive websites for its clients, while providing a high level of personalized attention and customer support.

Elund Christensen

Elund Christensen image I am a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and work as a software developer. In my spare time I run a web shop with Prospeed badminton rackets. My first plan with Anahita is to start a small community about stringing techniques and tools for badminton and tennis rackets.


Fidus Logo is a free service for those who enjoy trotting and would want to win money. They offer a through analysis of comments on each horse and publish their tips with full rank and bet proposals. In addition to this they also serve with daily updated news about trotting. Their goal is to make their clients to become winners.

My Persia Logo MyPersia is a social network for connecting persian people and it delivers applications for organizers and support trades to reach new persian clients.

Peach Interior Design

Peach Interior Design has been creating high-end residential design solutions in Vancouver since 2003. They pride themselves on remaining at the forefront of the interior design world's ever changing trends. Their team provides remodelling, renovation, and space planning services. High-end bathrooms and kitchens are their speciality.

Smart Gravity

Smart Gravity Logo Smart Gravity is a complete web solutions company with an engineering twist. We promise usable and versatile results built so you can expand, and we treat each situation as unique. Focusing on reliable and efficient functionality is our first priority because your website is not just about aesthetics, it's about a return on your investment, whether that be monetary or simply the fantastic feeling of achievement. Smart Gravity is about engineering the best tool for your product.

SouthLaSalle MEDIA

SouthLaSalleMedia Logo hosts shows about the business of open source ecommerce. Profiling the technology, and the people behind the technology, MEDIA's shows provides insight into the making of open source ecommerce technologies; as well as, how to profit from these technologies.

Tibor Tóth

Tibor Tóth is a long time Joomla! community member. Before he began developing Joomla! powered web sites, he worked as a full time IT Systems Integrator for corporate customers. After developing a few sites under e107 and the Mambo CMS, he found Joomla! -  the CMS which "had future."

As an active member of the Hungarian and Slovak Joomla! user communities, Tibor helps many users find the magic of this excellent CMS. Starting November 2007, Tibor began serving as the President of Joomla! User Association Hungary.



Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshops Logo As Gandhi said "Be the change you want to be in the world." But how do we do that? Weekend Workshops is a website whose mission is to empower the amazing potential within each one of us and inspire others to follow by becoming part of a group of people who with Enthusiasm, Love, Service, Passion, Humor and Teamwork believe they can change the world.


Valanx Logo is best know for AEC, the most extensive Membership Management component for Joomla! CMS. For over three years now, we offer high quality software combined with high quality service. Valanx was founded by David Deutsch - you can follow him on twitter @skore_de



YOU of Canada is an online campus for international students in Canada and home of the International Leaf Project.

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