Anahita social networking platform and framework

Anahita Overview

A minimalist, customizable, and extendable social networking platform

Nodes-graphs-stories architecture

What is Anahita?

Anahita is an open source social networking platform for building knowledge sharing apps and services. Use Anahita to develop:

  • project management and collaboration environments
  • online learning and knowledge networks
  • open science and open data platforms

The Nodes-Graphs-Stories Architecture

All social networks are basically interconnected entities in many-to-many relationships and they are exchanging information. In Anahita everything and everybody are represented as nodes and relationships are represented as graphs. Stories are the smallest unit of information that propagate around on the network of interconnect nodes and graphs.

We believe that rather than trying to add social features to existing knowledge systems, we better rethink and rebuild them on top of a social foundation. Making our apps and services inherently social is also the key to making them more insightful and engaging.

Anahita provides a new approach to building knowledge apps following a genuine social networking architecture from ground up.


Stay Resourceful

Save hundreds of hours worth in time and resources. The Anahita platform allows you to build lean and light knowledge apps that are inherently social from ground up following a nodes-graphs-stories architecture.

Grow Knowledge

Just like a brain at the center of your cloud, Anahita obtains information from the users and connects the dots by forming all kinds of relationships amongst them. The more people use the app and services on your system, the smarter your network becomes as a whole over time.

Gain Insight

Once your users and their inputs reach a critical size, your network can be used as repository of information for everyone and a contribution to your organization's knowledge capital.


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